How to find your own oasis or the vacation you’re dreaming of

The sun is shining warmer and brighter. Finally it is time to get rid of the cold winter and start dreaming of the summer. No, it is not too early to start planning our summer vacation if we want it to be perfect.

Everybody sees the perfect vacation differently but we all need our own “oasis” – the place where we want to spend our holiday, the place where we can feel comfortable and calm, where we can have fun, wake up with the sunrise or sleep until noon in a soft and comfy bed, and take our first cup of coffee staring at the sea.

Some people find their oasis of freedom and happiness in the summer if they can spend a whole day at the beach, holding an interesting book or just their smartphones. For others the utmost pleasure during the summer is the time they spend at the beach bar drinking cocktails and having a nice chat with some nice companions, many people prefer just chilling out in different restaurants and cafes, having dinner and drinking wine by the sea.
Of course, those who are keen on sports and all sport activities, will probably want to drive jets, try some windsurfing or even mountain biking.



When you’re planning a vacation with your kids, one of the most important things you’re looking for is a secure place where the kids can play and have fun, a place where they will be taken a good care of and even learn something new, like surfing for example. And for the days when the summer rain tries to spoil your activities, there is always the opportunity of some relaxing SPA time.
No matter what you’re looking for, what vacation you’re dreaming of or how you imagine your oasis of relaxation, there is one place which can give you all you need for your perfect summer vacation and this place is Oasis Resort & Spa Lozenets.

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