June is perfect for you summer vacation

When we are young and wild and free all we wanted from our summer vacation was to be by the sea, maybe roll in the sand all day long, have cocktails at the bar day and night, have fun with our friends or make new ones and stare at the hot bodies at the beach. Because this is what it means to be young at the seaside. Always looking for the noisiest places and clubs where there are many people, lots of drinks, nice and loud music and amazing girls and boys, of course.
Sooner or later we become parents and our priorities suddenly change. The only thing that stays the same is the mere fact that we still want to go at the seaside. Our kids want it too. They love it. They need it and according to many specialist it is important for their health and immune system to spend time by the sea every year. So, the question is not if we will go by the sea, the question is where and when. Because we no longer crave the noisy and crowded places we have been to before. We long for a beautiful and calm place with cozy and comfortable apartments, with green gardens and swimming pools, nice restaurants where the whole family can have dinner without going out of the complex and make the kids nervous because when the kids are hungry they want to eat and they want it right now, and, of course, with a nice place for our kids to play and have fun.
We no longer want to stay at the beach all day long when it is very hot. It is not good for the kids, it is not fun for us. So the best decision for our family holiday will be if we plan it for June.

The basic advantages of going at the seaside in June:

  • We will be among the first visitors of the complex for this season. All the new services, new restaurants and bars will be working especially for us.
  • All the people from the staff will be still fresh and not tired, so they will pay us even more attention.
  • The sea is very clean and amazing in June.
  • It will be not so crowded with people and we will have the chance to enjoy one very pleasant and calm vacation.

If we go to the seaside in June, we will have the chance to have one more summer vacation until the end of the season. And that is great.

So, do not hesitate and make a reservation for your perfect family vacation by the sea in June. Here at Oasis Resort & Spa we have everything to make you feel gorgeous.



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