Summertime and the livin’ is easy…
Remember that song? Of course, you do. You can hear it every time you think about summer. Summer is coming and that is great. No matter if the weather now is rainy or it is still windy outside. We don’t care because summer is gonna be here very soon.

So, how do you imagine your perfect vacation? At the see? It must me at the sea.



The moment we think about that and it suddenly gets warmer and lighter in our minds. We are ready to start dreaming about the sea.
The sunrise wakes you up every morning and makes you feel the desire to live, to breathe, to get the most of every single moment. Days are long and full of pleasures. A nice hotel, beautiful green gardens, a nice and clean beach and the warm embrace of the sea. The only thing that makes you leave your comfortable chair at the beach is to have a bite at a nice restaurant nearby. It definitely has to be nearby because you will want to come back to your comfortable place at the beach as soon as possible. You don’t need to check the time. It is summer and time is on your side. May be it is just the right time for a cocktail. Do you feel the salt from a glass of Margarita or the sweet taste of a Cuba libre? Ok, a glass of cold champagne with some strawberries will also do.

The evening awaits you. With the red color of the sunset, with the tasty dinner by the sea. Some sea food and a glass of white wine. The view of the sea is always astonishing. It changes for seconds. It is stormy and rough and at the very next moment it amazes you with its still surface.

And here comes the night. It is party time. All the summer hits you love and make you dance all night long. Your favorite drinks are here, people you love are here, people you want to know and have fun with are also here. It is time to make memories and may be it is time for a night bathing in the sea. But it is a secret – one of those secrets that you take with you every time you leave the beach.
Summer is coming! Pack your bags. Don’t tell us we dream too much or too soon. Because we can tell you that dreams can come true. They always come true when you choose Oasis Resort & Spa Lozenets. And if you want to make sure that you will have a great summer vacation at that gorgeous place, just look at our website and take a look at the event list of our Delete Beach Bar.

It’s summertime ain’t nothin’
But my crew and me
Having fun and
Trippin’ on dem want to be
Now that my head is right
I’m ready for tonight
You can’t stop us and
Nothin’s gonna get in our way…



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