Rent your property

Part of our clients take advantage of renting their property during the time they do not use it. This kind of service requires signing of a contract between both the property management company – HOME FOR YOU and the owner. The marketing of your property via our partners (tourist agencies and operators) is our main goal according to this contract. We have and agreement with our partners that ensures maximum occupancy and profit for you.

To rent your property you need your furniture to match certain requirements and standarts (we offer different furnishing packages, that match all these standarts and requirements)!

It is obligatory for the property to have TV, towels, bed sheets, some kitchen facilities and others (all that staff is included in our “Extra furnishing package”), as well as to pay your monthly bills for consumption(we offer a “Taxes and maintenance package” for your facilitation).

We maintain your property while being rented – including housekeeping, clean bed-sheets, towels. You can ask for a detailed reference, concerning the time your property is being rentet whenever you like, as well as all the consumption taxes and expenses. You can check this data online on our website logging in your account.

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